Online Private Yoga

Jess is known for her teachings of Hatha and Kriya yoga around Baltimore - but in this social-distancing era we no longer have the opportunity to practice together in-studio. Moreover, many people do not wish to receive the release that comes along with 1:1 bodywork sessions with her (though she is still offering those who wish to have them!). 

Please reach out to seek Jess's wealth of resources and knowledge in the yoga tradition, spirituality, breath, physical practices, meditations, and mantras in an online format. She will be delighted to work with you virtually via Zoom or Skype and personalize the sessions for you!

This is perfect for people wanting a home yoga practice that do not know where to begin, for people needing physical and mental release, and for people seeking routine. Jess's gentle but straightforward approach will help you feel at ease, and satisfied with your sessions! 

Book a one-off, or a series 


is also available!

The beauty of couple's coaching work in an online format is that the session is entirely catered to you and your partner. Jess will create a sequence for you to learn and practice together, and you'll both walk away with insights to the foundations and principles of doing Thai Bodywork yourself. 

Please reach out to book these very customizable sessions!

online yoga classes

~~ Catch her on Facebook Live every Sunday eve 8:30pm EST for a 30 minute stretch and mantra chant to invoke peace, harmony, and relieve fear and anxiety.

~~ Tuesday via AsanaRoots, her regular Kriya yoga class is now on Zoom from 7:15p-8:30 EST

~~ Saturday via Baltimore Yoga Village, her regular Kriya yoga class is also on Zoom from 10am-11:15 EST

Jess has a growing collection of FULL Kriya yoga, Hatha yoga, and combination instructional videos growing in her YouTube portfolio. These videos can be accessed only with the listing link - for a recommended minimum donation of $10 per class Jess can share these with you! Send her an email to access these classes online for you to use again and again at your leisure.
Commitment to practice is key in making the personal and spiritual shifts you seek.

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