"Thai Yoga Artist," and how my services are transforming

Recently in a networking group on Facebook, I was prompted to describe my work in a singular title and a 1-sentence description. This is what I said: I am a Thai Yoga Artist: offering healing Thai bodywork 1:1's and teaching for mind/body/spirit release and reconnection, holistic coaching, and integrative Yoga for a truly unified lifestyle.

So what even is a Thai Yoga Artist, and why have I evolved to call my work that? "Thai Bodywork" as I've called it thus far, and how it's conventionally known, is an Asian healing modality that differentiates from western massage through its consciousness. When practiced with the mood of unconditional loving kindness as one's act of service, it becomes an art form. There is a magic about offering one's physical talents and skills interwoven with loving awareness and consciousness. All movement from the giver is initiated from their center (solar plexus/hara/dan tien), is smooth and effortless in its transitions and dynamism, and there is focus on deeply listening to the receiver's body. This gives the bodyworker an acute sensitivity to the most subtle changes in the bio-electrical system. The giver is always moving intentionally, with an intentional pace. You could say it is tantra and union through movement and breath! It's connected, embodied, balanced feminine and masculine, and total bliss for giver and receiver. So the bodywork practice isn't really just about the physical body, it's an art addressing the many layers of our "body."

All of this is how I practice and what my work is infused by, and thus as an artful bodyworker I attend to the mind, body, and soul. This is only possible when I'm deeply connected to my own root and creative potential, and when the receiver surrenders to simply receiving - without offering help or control. Then, the bodies have a glue-like connection. There are no distractions and neither of us are needed anywhere else - simply here, in our feeling bodies, not the thinking mind. As my teacher says, "An artist's value is in their presence. The credentials are of secondary importance."

It is my vision to help people heal their relationship to their body. To begin reconnecting the body/mind/spirit continuum, we must first deal with the physical aspects here in our 3D world. This means not just the body, but how you relate to other humans, to food, to your work, and your own internal self talk. And naturally, it is helpful to have a conscious guide in your process of healing your relationship to your body. That's where I come in <3

Whether I'm using the tools of bodywork as a Thai Yoga Artist, or the vast skillset of the 8 limbs of yoga in teaching, or combining all of this into my coaching work - I am here for you as an asset and resource for healing in your life. It is my own individual work to be vital in all aspects of health: nutrition, activity and physical strength, energy. It follows then that my purpose is to teach people how to be vital, aware, and present in healing their own body and mind.

Basically, I'm a coach/guide/mentor who meditates, practices mindfulness, breathes, teaches yoga, infuses bodywork when an emotional blockage is manifesting in the body, goal sets, and more all with you. It's active, dynamic, and uniquely tailored for you. It uses all my resources and tools, and to be a guide for you lights me up and gives me reason to maintain focus, stay organized, and draw in all that I can to offer out. This is my art. <3

Let me know how I can be of service for you. Perhaps consider the question: what are you aware of that you need the most attention and time dedicated in your life to either transforming or changing? Is there a habit that you'd like to kick? Are there disciplines you can't seem to stick to? Are you consumed by technology, though meant to be a tool for your betterment, and wanting to reconnect to your INNER NET? When we lack that connection to our INNER NET we become reliant on the internet and external sources of gratification and love.

Let's talk. Maybe comment below if you're called, or send me a message.

Let the healing begin.


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