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Jess Crutchfield

~ Infinite Within Wellness ~

Boulder, CO-based Thai Bodywork Practitioner,

Functional Medicine Health Coach, and Yoga teacher

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What People Say:

I first encountered Jess at a Thai Massage workshop, where she expertly guided us through a sequence to unwind and release our partners through stretch and pulsation. About a month later, I went for a full session myself. She brings a full presence and listens deeply to what you say with your words and your body. I can honestly say that until that point, I have never felt so seen or heard. She was able to get me to relax more deeply than I'd been able to, and I trusted her completely (I still do!)

Since then, I've attended her kriya yoga class, and found her attention and focus on alignment, her cues through the preliminary asana, and her words of wisdom expertly offered. The real juice, however, was the visuals and the guidance on breath throughout the practice, with each exercise. It has informed my practice, my meditations, and my day-to-day life since then. Jess is a teacher, through and through. She not only guides us through movements, but she guides the way we move, and directs our focus to the quality of our attention. She is a diamond in the rough, and I look forward to taking more classes with her in the future.

- Steve G, 9/29/2020, conscious Baltimore pappa, breather, lover of nature and life