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Jess Crutchfield

~ Infinite Within Wellness ~

Boulder, Colorado-based 
National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach,

Thai Bodywork Practitioner, and Experienced Yoga Teacher

It has been both highly liberating and deeply healing to discuss my struggles, share my goals, and paint my visions in coaching with Jess, all while having it held and approached from the holistic perspective that it deserves.

Deb S., 4/19/22
Baltimore MD

As a health coach, I help you to:

  • Make lasting food, movement, sleep, and holistic lifestyle changes that support your vision & goals

  • Overcome ambivalence and other obstacles to change (including yourself!)

  • Develop with you the strategies for change that work for you

  • Live the most vital and aware life possible = Live a life filled with love, joy, and success!

  • Implement the treatment plan that your Functional Medicine doctor/Holistic practitioner prescribes

Featured on - Jess Crutchfield joins Julian to discuss finding her dharma, the importance of embodiment in wellness and healing, Thai bodywork and other body work modalities, crucial information about the female hormone cycle, and much more

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Separately, as a Thai Bodywork Practitioner & Teacher, I help you to:

  • Feel relaxed, stretched, and nurtured

  • Get "out of your mind and into your body"

  • Relieve stress and anxiety and leave more centered

  • Connect with your partner in public partner workshops
    and trainings

  • Prevent repetitive stress injury and provide relief from
    athletics or overuse

  • Increase self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-awareness


I had no idea Thai Bodywork could be SO much more effective than regular massage ! This isn't just any regular session. Jess helps you feel every ounce of your whole self but it is truly transformational in such a deep holistic way across all of the body AND mind. 

Roz B., Boulder, May 2021

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