Upcoming Public Events

Partner Connection Workshop: Thai Bodywork
Friday July 29th, 2022 7p-9:30 
Boulder Massage Therapy Institute

Come create an even more loving connection between you and a partner through this beautiful healing modality. We will intentionally shift from a heightened state to a receptive state with our partners.

From 5 years teaching these workshops I can *promise* you, you'll feel more connected to yourself and to your partner, plus, get to learn a new Thai Bodywork sequence to practice again and again 😘

Tickets are $140 per pair for early bird pricing, which goes up $20 on 7/26 at 6:30pm.

Grab yours now and learn to offer loving touch to your partner with us!

** This event will be livestreamed via Zoom for any out-of-town pairs wanting to join me!

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a Boulder women's group coaching program:

A container for holistic health, weaving together my skills and wisdom across the fields of yoga, breath, consciousness, trauma, functional medicine, mindfulness, and strength training. 
This offering is designed to push your edges, evolve your self-limiting beliefs, align you to holistic health, and get you taking steps forward toward your unique vision of optimal health.
The group of support around you will make the task of growth more manageable, with sisterhood accountability. 
Women are intended to be whole, aligned to their cycle (and wild!), embodied, and self-caring. 
Does this sound like what you need? READ MORE & APPLY. 
We begin when the group fills, meeting Tuesday evenings for 9 weeks this Summer!