Upcoming Public Events

Partner Thai Bodywork Workshop: Attuning Touch
Friday, December 9th, 7p-9:30 
Boulder Massage Therapy Institute

Come create an even more loving connection between you and a partner through this beautiful healing modality. We will intentionally shift from a heightened state to a receptive state with our partners.

From 5 years teaching these workshops I can *promise* you, you'll feel more connected to yourself and to your partner, plus, get to learn a new Thai Bodywork sequence to practice again and again 😘

Tickets are $150 per pair for early bird pricing, which goes up $25 3 days before the event at 6:30pm

Grab yours now and learn to offer loving touch to your partner with us!

** This event will be livestreamed via Zoom for any out-of-town pairs wanting to join me!

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