I’ve attended a few of Jess’s Thai Bodywork classes and
I had some incredible experiences.
Jess is so articulate and prepares the class so that it flows seamlessly. She’s a very calm and empowering woman, so the energy in the class is very zen which elevates both partners. I’ve learned some wonderful bodywork techniques which I’ve used when giving massages and I’m grateful I had the privilege to attend and have those experiences.
I highly recommend her classes and Jess as a caring and talented teacher.

— Joe B., 7 time international marathoner, dedicated dad, and owner of EstateMedical.com, Brooklyn NY

2020 Evolution & 2022 Ascension:
Interfusion Festival

January 16-20, 2020 + January 13-17, 2022

Last year's Interfusion Festival (Evolution) took place on January 16 – 20, 2020 (MLK Weekend) bringing together like-minded souls from across the US and beyond for four days of learning, healing, play and connection.

Jess taught two Thai Bodywork workshops among some of the best, with class sizes of 200 participants. 

Stay tuned for the next Interfusion where Jess will be teaching again!

Interfusion Teaching Friday 6 fave.jpg