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Coaching for your Vital Health

What is "vital?"

Vital is defined as full of energy; lively. 

But what is energy? Though there are many definitions, in life, the human body is comprised of matter and energy. That energy is both electrical (neural impulses and signals) and chemical (reactions).

What is "health?"

Health is defined as the state of being free from illness or injury.

What would your life be like if you were vital and healthy?

I envision a world of people who are vital, truly healthy, and aware. In coaching with me, together we attune you to your own vitality and awareness, so that you can create lasting growth and change from your own intrinsic motivation.

The work is truly holistic: mind, body, and spirit. 


It has been both highly liberating and deeply healing to discuss my struggles, share my goals, and paint my visions in coaching with Jess, all while having it held and approached from the holistic perspective that it deserves.

Deb S., 4/19/22
Baltimore MD

In working with Jess, I've finally started doing what I said I would! Not only that, but I discovered how to focus on myself without feeling "selfish," and have the solid routines I need to prioritize my health, elevate my mood, and mitigate my stress.

Chelsa B., 3/15/22,
Hope Rhode Island

I partner with you on your path toward vital health. 

I am a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and ADAPT Certified Health Coach through the Functional Medicine Health Coach Training Program by the Kresser Institute.

As your coach, I am your partner in making and maintaining change. Health and wellness through the lens of functional or ancestral medicine is holistic; it includes our mental health and attitude, emotional intelligence, physical health, relationships, work life, sleep, and especially what we eat. In alignment with the art and practice of coaching, I will be completely present with and deeply listen to you, explore your vision of optimal health and well-being, focus on your strengths and values, offer reflections and potent open questions, help you refine your goals, help you navigate challenges, offer broader perspectives, and facilitate your self-discovery.

Coaching is unique to you.

In your complimentary consultation, we will have 30 minutes together to discuss what you're wanting to focus on and what you already know about coaching. From there, a roadmap is made just for you to take the steps toward living your vision and making change. This is a safe space, where all information about your health is kept confidential and compliant with laws. There is no set structure to amount of coaching sessions someone may want or need. We determine that together.

Let's dive in...


I share a similar philosophy as Dr. Joe Dispenza, and in this short clip of one of his talks, you might understand more about why I feel coaching is such a pivotal asset to making change in your life. 

Change your thoughts, change your life. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 1.22.14 PM.png

What Clients Say:

"I used to swing between extremes of self-care: engaging in my routines of yoga, writing, reading, affirmations, nature, and being in integrity with my vision…. Then back to bored, complacent, and uninspired - and breaking all the routines and feeling low about life and myself. I would then re-engage and find forgiveness and compassion for myself, and the cycle would continue.
I wanted to become more diligent, dedicated, and committed to an overall lifestyle shift within how I treat my body, heart, mind, and soul. I wanted to keep up with the follow through.
When I found coaching with Jess, I had hope and excitement for the possibility to be held in all of that in a different way than I’ve had with coaching before. Working with her allowed me to step up and into my growth in an affordable container. We’ve set SMART goals and held them in a way without rigidity that wouldn’t be taking on too much at once for me to the point of overwhelm. Jess has shifted my point of view on health coaching in that it’s truly been much more holistic and less rigid than I thought it would be - all areas of health and wellness, from diet and exercise to spiritual and emotional regulation. She truly listens and attunes with me, not just with my words but with my energetics as well - and my whole being feels held!
In working together my biggest shifts have been in confidence, clarity, focus, drive, and happiness. I am stepping into the life that I want to lead! My word for 2022 is CHANGE: balanced and potent change with integrity.
I’d recommend coaching with her to everyone because her container is truly holistic; she’s got all areas of health and wellness covered!"

- Logan, 3/19/22, Boulder CO

Coaching Testmonials
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