What You Might Learn with Me...

In a public class, a workshop or seminar, a workplace setting, or through private instruction.

Thai Bodywork

In these workshops, we develop skills for conscious relating through touch and listening. We work with a partner as both giver and receiver as we practice the yoga-like postures of a mini Thai Massage sequence. Each workshop is different and in some settings, a series will involve several sessions to build up to a full sequence.

Events can be for any size group, at any length, and anywhere. I commonly teach a couple/partnership directly, or in yoga studios, wellness centers, and at larger festivals.

Starting summer 2022, Jess is teaching Thai Bodywork as an integral part of the massage therapy licensure program with Boulder Massage Therapy Institute - where all new students will learn this spiritual art form.

"Jess is a rare gem of teacher. I've been in the bodywork field for over 20 years and have sat in hundreds of classes and can say Jess is a superb teacher. Her clarity, kindness, skills, and a touch of playfulness made the class fun, engaging, and practical. Definitely take classes from Jess."
- Dr. Samuel Shay, DC, IFMCP.  June 2022


“Being in the workshop with Jess I did in February 2022 brought to my attention how much people don't know how to breathe, communicate, and truly be with their partner. The work she’s doing though is like the window into improved communication, where you can be seen and heard and understood by your partner, and vice versa. Jess helps us use our bodies to foster deeper connection - and a lot of people don't even know this is available to them! 
You don’t know what you’re missing. I highly suggest learning with Jess!”

 - S.W., Boulder CO.  Feb 2022

"What a great way to connect with my wife on a deeper level. Using physical touch to not only help bring my partner pleasure—releasing stress and easing tension—but to create a deeper connection between us was an amazing experience. Jess’ instruction is clear and easy to follow. But with plenty of room for fun and play. The bonus move was giving us a handout so we could easily recreate the experience at home."

- M.K. Denver, CO.  Oct 2021

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Yoga, Breath, & Mindful Living

Yoga unites the mind, body, and soul in a way that eases tension and promotes health, well-being, and vitality. Regular practice improves your breathing, flexibility, and outlook on life. Prioritize it in your daily routine or workplace setting, and you'll increase your quality of life.

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I teach a variety of "styles" of yoga. Lately I am most enthusiastic about teaching yoga for self-discovery, taught through Kriya yoga and intentional movement. The goal is to inspire you to better connect with your body and breath.
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Mantra Yoga
Kriya Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Children's Yoga

Workplace Yoga