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I empower engineers to unlock 
peak performance and rewarding relationships, minus the burn-out.

I get it. You’re here because you’re hustling and grinding but tired, & you want more in life.

You maybe feel stuck.

You work hard, make money, but maybe you low-key feel like crap most of the time. 

You probably feel fatigued by the end of your work week (or throughout!), and the weekend doesn’t replenish you enough.

Your relationships might be suffering. 

And maybe, your stress is high, your sleep is poor, and you’re not eating as well as you know you could. 

But how could it be improved?!


Yes - it is possible to make amazing money, be successful, feel good in your body, AND have thriving relationships.


Let me show you how...


I continue to work with Jess because having the space to speak out my intentions to someone who empowers me to follow through on them is changing my life.

Anthony R., Maryland, April 2023,
client since March 2022.

In working with Jess, my biggest shifts have been in confidence, clarity, focus, drive, and happiness. I am stepping into the life that I want to lead!

Logan N., Boulder CO March 2022

I've never experienced more impactful bodywork. I feel dramatically better every time I work with Jess.

Nathan S., Boulder CO May 2023, client since Nov 2021.

Coaching with Jess Includes Support in:

✅ What & How you Eat

✅ How you move (strength training + daily movement)

✅ Sleep optimizing

✅ Office setup for efficiency & less fatigue

✅ Body tension, cramping, discomfort through hands-on bodywork

✅ Teaching you tools for self-led relief

✅ Authenticity & Reclaiming Your Voice

Meet your Coach:

Jess partners with you on your journey towards your vision for life. 

She is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and ADAPT Certified Health Coach through the Functional Medicine Health Coach Training Program by the Kresser Institute. She is an instructor in Thai Bodywork at Boulder Massage Therapy Institute and a continuing education provider in Yoga. She’s a mover of all kinds after a former lifetime as a music educator and classically trained French horn player, when she was disconnected from her body. Now, she is uniquely qualified to help men who are ambitious in their careers maintain good health in their bodies, feel ease from tension, be even better at their work, and finally have the relationship/marriage they desire!

Coaching is unique to you.

In scheduling a free chat with Jess, we will have up to 60 minutes together to discuss what you're wanting to focus on and what you already know about coaching. From there, a roadmap is made just for you to take the steps toward living your vision and making change. This is a safe space, where all information about your health is kept confidential and compliant with HIPAA. There is no set structure to amount of coaching sessions someone may want or need. We determine that together.

Let's dive in...

If you're willing to put in the daily work and practice towards your vision and are willing to deconstruct and recompose a version of yourself that is in alignment with where you deeply want to go - Jess is absolutely a right fit.

She has an incredible ability to be in alignment with me, no matter what I come to sessions with. She gets straight to the same page as me, and helps me creatively find a solution, or provides the exact right resource I need. We’ve worked a lot with “change your mind, change your life,” in the minute to minute details of every day. Every goal I’ve had, even as they shift, Jess holds me accountable with compassion, not force. 
To implement new habits, it’s a daily thing. Jess can only help as much as you are willing to put into yourself!

Anthony R., Maryland, May 2023,

client since March 2022.

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