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You are an incredible woman.

You want your health to be on point.

You want balance in your life and time

for yourself even when the schedule

fills so easily for others. 

You want to work towards goals while also having time to be. 

You want quality relationships that are reciprocal. 


You might not even know where to begin, with such shifts to make that may seem overwhelming. 

You also want to engage with a group of women that can reflect to you what you do not see. You want a cohort to grow with.

You are here.

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This is the Wildly Whole Women Collective, a health coaching group to help you:

- reclaim your time and your health,

- take ownership of your body and what you feel,

- and give you confidence and happiness as a woman.


We will meet for 2 hrs weekly at The Kama Connection (new boutique women's clothing and jewelry shop) in downtown Boulder 9 weeks, and share 2 hours in your discovery session together to get you clear on your vision.  Start date is TBD once the enrollment period has completed. Throughout our 9 weeks, I'll facilitate us in a few major topics with teaching and collaboration (details below & hints within the application), but also attune to the group of women: a balance of structure and flow.

Your investment for this 20 hour container - capped at 9 women - is $400.

If this sounds like you, or another woman you know, submit this interactive form or click the "apply here" link below. Send me an email with any questions:

You see health as way more than just diet and exercise. I see it holistically, too, as a total lifestyle. I want to help you become even-more vital and awake, living your personal optimal health. 

Who am I? I’m a multi-passionate woman and coach who assists and guides women in reconnecting with their body and soul through functional health and awareness practices.

This women’s health coaching group hones in on 3 crucial components together:

  • Self-Care = your health care, and the most important thing to balance your work/social/self time balance

  • Stress management and anxiety in our chaotic world, with some guided practices and resources from the worlds of neuroscience, mindfulness, and mantra

  • Functional Health - the “food is medicine” approach, and building awareness on how what you put into your body and surround yourself with affects you (including hormonal birth control!)


If you’ve read this far and feel that full-body frisson sensation like when the music makes your hair stand up on your skin, about the group concept and the topics… then this may be a fit for you. 


The above 3 topics will receive focused content/resource sharing as well as accountability and discussions, motivations (your “why”) and self-vision.

Before we begin this women’s group, you’ll receive a 2 hour discovery session with me - an opportunity for you to experience health coaching, vision setting, and to learn about whether this group is right for you and if you’re right for this group.


My intention is to help catalyze you into living the unlived life you are envisioning!

If the 9-week container of our coaching group feels good, there is an option to renew and keep the group going.

Do you know any women who need this right now or would be resonant with this offering? Is it you? Please apply below or reach out via email,

as seen in the flyer:

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