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In booking this Yoga session with Jess, you agree to and understand the following: 


  1. I understand that it is my choice to receive yoga sessions from Jess Crutchfield, and I understand that my practitioner is not a doctor; any information offered by the practitioner is considered to be solely educational.

  2. I understand that the results of the session vary from client to client.

  3. I am aware that booking with Jess is best done with some advance notice. Last-minute requests will most likely not be possible, so please schedule in advance.

  4. I have stated all my known medical conditions and will notify my practitioner should anything change.

  5. I understand that payment is due at time of service, unless another arrangement has been made.

  6. I understand that more than 24 hours notice to cancel or to reschedule my session is required or I will be charged 100% for late-cancels and no-shows. If I anticipate missing my appointment with less than 24 hours notice, for any reason — including but not limited to illness, injury, a sick child, traffic, weather conditions without a severe weather warning, job-related conflicts, and family emergencies — I will contact Jess immediately.

  7. By submitting this booking request, I hereby waive and release Jessica Crutchfield, the Thai Yoga Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, from any and all liability, past, present, and future relating to bodywork and yoga.

Terms and conditions

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