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"sending love to all beings
may all beings continue reclaiming their power
may all beings heal themselves and the world
may all beings be happy and free"
- yung pueblo, Inward

CLICK BELOW to make a one time donation supporting online classes and offerings. Thank you!

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Your donation matters. Invest in yourself. As humans we are as deep as an ocean, but yet we spend most of our lives knowing only the surface. When we decide to dive deep within ourselves, we set in motion the miracle of personal evolution. To heal, it takes courage, commitment, and consistency. This moves us from misery to inner peace. 
When you invest in something, you commit to using it. By donating here, I am personally committing to supporting you in the creation of your own peace and happiness. 

I am creating online offerings to support you in your journey toward inner peace and happiness. We live in a time demanding innovation and creativity, and now more than ever we need stress-relieving practices we can do at home. Be on the lookout for asana practices, kriya sets, meditations, mantras, and even self-healing Thai bodywork inspired techniques with me. 

I look forward to seeing you on your mat <3

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