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Taking Off the Masks

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Masks meaning, what we wear to appease society, hide behind, and generally cover up our own realness: in order to be kind, or get accepted, or get love. To wear them is to pretend to be something other than ourself. This wastes energy, and eventually makes us very tired.

Before I “broke out” of the “rat race” I was in when teaching in the public schools of Baltimore County, Maryland until mid-2018, I felt confined within the need to be perfectly presentable every day I was at work. It meant I had to wear a mask to cover up anything other than "perfect" that my body or mind was feeling - I had to always be ON for the students and fellow teachers. I was growing tired of wearing masks. I didn’t really know why something felt off, or what else was possible, until I started working for myself & not the system. It was only then that I discovered how to work in alignment with my hormone cycle, optimize my nutrition, movement and sleep, and start feeling successful *without* also burning out.

Not everyone needs to work for themself in order to drop the masks we wear in public. Nor does working for oneself mean you won't burn out. I promise. I've been doing "trial and correction" here for 6 years.

There are options ahead to help you drop those masks you wear, too.

You can bridge the gap between what you perceive you "have to do" and what you'd actually like to be doing, or being.

I’d love to have a chat with you about this sometime to discover what around this topic feels real for you (because boy this topic is real for me!), and make a strategy to help you through. Book a complimentary discovery call with me (linked here) to access my calendar.

In loving service, Jess 💕

PS: the Lensa AI generated images (a recent tech fad) in a way are also a mask, not the true self as I exist right now, but something altered or amplified or misconstrued. Beautiful, but unreal.

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